We had a full house last night for club member Peter Erickson’s superb presentation.

Peter’s journey into photography began in 1976 when he took his earnings from a summer job on a bus trip to Slattery’s on O’Connell Street in Dublin and purchased his first fuiji film camera.

His subsequent Leica film camera has rarely been out of his hands throughout the past 35 years and really the length and breath of his work is deserving of a fine book to allow more people to experience the world through Peter’s eyes.

From the meditative landscapes of Munterconnaught to the faces of rural Romania, Peter eloquently records split second moments in time before crafting the final images in his darkroom to produce awe-inspiring prints.

A truly inspirational photographer whose body of work was a joy to experience last night in the club.
Thank you Peter Erickson for sharing your world with us.



Peter Erickson Presentation